Chamilo has been named Palmas after the very recent and rapidly growing city of Palmas, Brazil, in which a few of the people in charge of the Brazilian Portuguese translation are located.

This version is a minor version, which means it doesn’t implement important new features, but rather focuses on stabilizing the existing ones. However, we managed to slip a few new features inside, like:

  • Added shuffling to multiple answers
  • Added simple document search feature
  • Enabled PDF export for HTML documents
  • Added simple social network link featurei (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, …) and short URL feature for users profile
  • Added e-mail notification on wiki updates
  • Added ASCIIMathML for mathematical formulas edition
  • Improved SCORM 1.2 tracking
  • Re-enabled course tutor role: a student can be tutor and help the teacher
  • Adding an assignment to the calendar is now done by hand out date instead of creation date
  • General improvements in gradebook tool and file manager

If you are worried about loosing data during the upgrade, please ask on our forum or to an official provider near you.