Mes: agosto 2010


Fuente: In Dokeos 1.8, a new feature permits to turn PowerPoint documents into learning path. To enable this feature, you have to install 2.x on the web server. Contents…

Installing videoconference in Chamilo and D0keos

Fuente: Contents 1 Introduction 2 Pre-Installation 3 Dokeos 1.8.3: New videoconference system 4 Streaming Service 5 Installing VideoConference OpenLaszlo/Client 6 Connecting Red5, Openlaszlo and Dokeos 7 Troubleshooting 7.1 I use https … 7.2 I use a subdirectory of…

Pack Moodle

Pack de aula virtual Moodle desde 350 € tema personalizado, soporte, actualizaciones a nuevas versiones, etc. Clic + info. Etiquetas: Novedades