Nueva versión Joomla .13. Es aconsejable tu sitio para aumentar la del mismo.

Release Notes

Check the Joomla 1.5.13 Post-Release Notes to see if there are important items and helpful hints discovered after the release.

If you have modified core template overrides, please be sure to back them up before upgrading.


One low-level and two moderate-level security issues were fixed in this release:

For additional information, visit the Joomla Security Center.


  • Edit icon now appears in correct location (16726)
  • «usertype» column is now saved correctly in the database during front-end account creation (16073)


  • No modules issues were fixed for this release


  • Typographical error fixed in PHPdoc comment (15548)
  • TinyMCE editor now works when using compressed mode (17058)
  • Media Manager now shows correct message after a successful upload (17053)
  • Image button can be used by users who don’t have upload permission (17101)


  • No legacy issues were fixed for this release


  • No template issues were fixed for this release


  • Error message in Media Manager is now translated (17008)


  • No administrator issues were fixed for this release


  • No system issues were fixed for this release


Statistics for the .13 release period:

  • Joomla .13 contains:
    • 7 issues fixed in SVN
    • 7 commits
  • Tracker activity resulted in a net increase of 42 active issues:
    • 68 new reports
    • 19 closed
    • 7 fixed in SVN
  • At the time the .13 release was packaged, the tracker had 188 active issues:
    • 89 open
    • 68 confirmed
    • 31 pending